Monday, November 28, 2016

GAME OF THE CENTURY II: Ohio State: 30 Michigan: 27

In a game for the ages Ohio State beats Michigan in 2OT.


     The offense came out driving. They drove 50+ yards and set up Tyler Durbin for a short FG. Durbin ended up missing it along with another game tying FG later on. After this the Buckeye offense sputtered. They couldn't score an offensive touchdown till late in the 3rd quarter. This made the game 14-17 Michigan. The Buckeyes offense then seemed to wake up. They mounted 2 drives deep into Michigan territory. The first one led to the second missed FG. The second drive gave Durbin another shot. Durbin didn't have a choice but to make it. At 17-17 the game went to OT. The offense really kicked it into gear scoring in only 2 plays. The game however did not end there. In the second OT Michigan kicked a FG making it 27-24. The Buckeyes had no desire to put the game on the foot of Durbin. On 4th and 1 the Buckeyes went for it. Barrett kept it on the read option and headed up the middle. He was met at the 15 1/2 yard line... he needed the 15. What transpired next will live on forever. The official placed the ball at the 15 and signaled first down. He had gave Barrett forward progress. Was this the right call? We'll never know. The next play Curtis Samuel scampered into the end zone causing complete pandemonium in the shoe.

Grade - C-


    The Defense won us this game. That's it plain and simple. The defense basically scored 14 points alone from 2 interceptions. They also recovered a fumbled snap at their own 2. Without this epic performance from the defense we're looking at a Michigan win by 14+. All credit goes to Coaches Schiano and Fickell for their great game plan. By the way Malik Hooker should win the Thorpe let alone by a finalist. 
Grade - A+

Thoughts on 11/28/16 Events
Being a proud OSU alum I was deeply saddened by what I saw today. Being awoken by a message from BuckeyeAlert claiming that there was an active shooter on campus crushed me. As more information came out I realize that if I hadn't transferred schools I would have been in that direct area. I got in touch with my former colleagues and made sure that they were okay. All were okay, but one was just a couple doors down locked into a lab room. I am incredibly thankful for the quick actions of the OSU police. The suspect was only up for one minute before being shot to death by an officer. That officer is an absolute hero and deserves all praise. 

Ohio State will not be intimidated by these acts. Buckeye Nation will only grow closer and stronger as we all pray for the victims.


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