Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Buckeye Background

Welcome to Bell's Buckeye Breakdown! 

     I've been an Ohio State fan since 2002. Every Buckeye fan knows the importance of that magical year...I didn't. As a young naive child I watched a team narrowly escape the jaws of defeat thinking they were invincible. I recall two games vividly that season, Wisconsin and Michigan. Both of these games I watched with family; Wisconsin with my uncle, and Michigan with my late great grandmother. I don't know why those games stick out in my mind. Perhaps, those are the only games I watched before the national championship. I have another idea, these games with family showed me how much Ohio State football means to people. Ohio State Football transcends sports, it's a religion. 

     By the showdown in the desert that special season I was already a part of that religion, at eight years old Ohio State Football meant everything to me. If you're reading this you know the events that transpired that night. You probably weren't a naive 8 year old knowing that your Buckeyes would pull through. When Chris Gamble jumped for the ball in the corner of the end zone I knew he'd catch it... right up until he didn't. It was 4th down, everything on the line, the Buckeyes perfect season was no more, my eyes water up with tears, I couldn't accept the result. As I was ready to exclaim "THEY CHEATED!" I saw the most incredible sight, a yellow penalty marker soared in from the corner of the screen "THERE'S A FLAG!". Pass interference was the call, an automatic first down and half the distance to the goal. The Buckeyes would punch it in and eventually won in double OT 31-24. I ran around my grandparent's house screaming that the Buckeye's were national champions. I was addicted.

     I've watched every game since. To me Saturdays in the Fall are sacred. I've had the pleasure to watch teams like the 2014 Buckeyes and I've experienced the agony of seasons like 2011. I want this to be a place of reflection, and later on a place where I can express my thoughts on scheme and upcoming opponents. In the next week, I plan on breaking down the Bowling Green game and having a look ahead at Tulsa. Thanks for reading. Go Bucks!

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