Monday, November 28, 2016

Buckeyes Fall in Happy Valley: Ohio State: 21 Penn State: 24

What an absolute disaster. The Buckeyes go to Happy Valley and control 3 quarters only to meltdown.


     This was a mesmerizing performance. Just like MSU last year I;m sure we'll always have more questions than answers. For unknown reasons Curtis Samuel only ran the ball twice. One of these two runs went 74 yards for a touchdown. It's really hard to say what the offensive staff was doing. Isaiah Prince had a really bad day. He gave up double digit pressures that led to the multiple sacks of JT Barrett. It would appear that he completely forgot all technique. To make matters worse it was blatantly obvious and the staff did nothing to help. No tight End to help. No Running Back to give extra protection. In the end it was a terrible performance that may very well keep Ohio State from the playoff. 

Grade - F-


     I feel like I need to make a special teams grade, so I will. F---------------------------------------------------
The special teams were a complete joke. A blocked punt and field goal led to 10 PSU points. The Special teams did not lose this game themselves however. The defense allowed a 5 play 90 yard drive that reinvigorated the Nittany Lions.This game was really flukey in nature. The Bucks would stand strong then out of nowhere they'd give up a massive play. The Buckeyes need yo clear this up moving forward  
Grade - C-


Penn State will play for the B1G title. They are #7 in the country. This loss isn't as bad as it felt at first, but it still burns and could keep OSU out of the playoff

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