Monday, November 28, 2016

Buckeyes Win OT Thriller 30-23

The Buckeyes went to Madison Saturday night. It took overtime but the Buckeyes came out victorious. 


     As I've said before when the Buckeyes get into a hole they look to the QB. Saturday was no different. JT started off slow, but when Buckeye Nation needed him the most he came through. The quarterback led the Buckeyes down the field 4 times in the second half. Making crucial 4th down conversions along the way. Early in the 4th the Buckeyes took their first lead of the night 20-16. Wisconsin quickly answered however. The Badgers drove the length of the field and scored a touchdown on a FB run. At 23-20 the Buckeyes again had their back against the wall. The Buckeyes mounted a big drive capped off by a 31 yard field goal by Tyler Durbin. The Badgers had one last opportunity to steal the game. They drove into Buckeye territory before a holding penalty pushed them back. The Badgers were eventually forced to punt and the game went to OT. The Buckeyes got the ball first in OT and JT connected with Noah Brown on a beautiful back shoulder throw to take the lead. If the Buckeyes can get 4th quarter JT more often this passing game would be a force.

Grade - B-


     I was initially disappointed in the defensive effort. Coming into this game I wasn't sure to how Wisconsin would score. The passing game wasn't impressive and the Buckeyes are traditionally stout against the run. Wisconsin jumped out to an early 10-0 lead and looked the better team. The Buckeyes made the necessary adjustments at half and limited the Wisconsin offense. The Buckeye defense shined the most in OT. The Buckeyes stood strong against the Badgers who had 1st and goal from the Buckeye 5. On 4th down it seemed the whole D-line had arrived at the QB at the same time. This was the Buckeyes second walk-off sack in 3 years.

Grade - B-


Wisconsin is currently 6th in the CFP Poll and is playing in the B10 championship game. They are even a contender to be in the 4 team playoff.

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