Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ohio State: 38 Indiana: 17

Indiana faced off with the Buckeyes Saturday and for the 3rd straight year they gave the Buckeyes issues. 


     The Buckeyes offense was slowed down this week. The Bucks came in averaging over 56 points per game, but today only got to 38. This isn't terrible, but we know what this team is capable of. The most disturbing part of the game was the fact that JT Barrett finished 9-21 with only 93 yards. Whenever the Buckeye offense is challenged they go into a shell and revert to Q runs. Saturday was no different. JT was the leading rusher with 137 yards on 26 carries. This could present major problems for the Buckeyes down the road. The Indiana defense elected to give up the intermediate passing game in order to cover deep. Ohio State's passing game was almost non-existent due to this. Expect teams in the future to follow suit.

Grade - C-


     Ohio State's defense has shown all year that they're ball hawks. They forced another 2 turnovers today that helped the offense out. Indiana's offense isn't terrible, but also not great. This team can do better and will need to do better next week in Madison. 

Grade - B


Michigan struggled with Indiana as well. This however was with backup John O'Korn. Something about this pesky Indiana team just always seems to throw off the Bucks.

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