Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ohio State: 45 Oklahoma: 24

   The Buckeyes went to Norman Saturday night. They emerged victorious. The game was a little watered down figuratively and literally. The kickoff was delayed due to heavy thunderstorms in the area, and the Tom Herman led Cougars had already knocked off the Sooners week one. 


     The Bucks scored 45 points against the Sooners. 7 of the 45 came from the defense, but today the offense wasn't going to be outdone. JT Barrett threw for 4 touchdowns. All four were to Noah Brown including possibly the catch of the year. Brown went behind the back of the defender and snatched the ball pinning it against the db's back. Mike Weber ran for 123 yards on 18 carries. The Buckeyes "Percy Harvin" player Curtis Samuel didn't disappoint as he scampered into the end zone on a critical 4th and 1. The offense continues to look deadly as this team gels. 

Grade - A


     The Buckeyes defense started out by giving up a long drive to the Sooners. The Sooners however could not capitalize. After the Buckeyes scored their first touchdown the Sooners were driving again; they faced a 4th and short around midfield when Jermome Baker struck. The Buckeye linebacker filling in for the injured Dante Booker took a deflected pass all the way back for a pick six. The Buckeye defense would give up their first touchdown of the year, but for the most part played well and opportunistic. Marshon Lattimore would collect another interception and the Buckeyes would repeatedly smother the Sooners on fourth down in the fourth quarter.  

Grade - B+


This win looks better every week. Oklahoma sits at 9-2 and is in prime position to win the Big 12. The Sooners are currently 7th in the AP and Coaches Poll.


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