Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ohio State: 48 Tulsa: 3

 Tulsa came to town Saturday. They left rain drenched and defeated


     The Offense started out sluggish for the Buckeyes. They only totaled 6 points from their offense in the first half, not to mention 3 of those were gifted from a Tulsa interception deep in their own territory. The offense finally found its rhythm in the second half after an extended halftime due to weather. JT Barrett went 14-22 with 142 yards. Mike Weber gained 92 yards on 16 carries.

Grade - C


     This defense is nasty!!! The Buckeyes defense scored 14 points themselves and constantly put the offense in opportunistic positions. Malik Hooker is developing into a star, and could have himself an award winning season. Cardale Jones used to praise Hooker in practice and now Buckeye fans can see why. The defense however will be tested next week against a vaunted Oklahoma offense.

Grade - A+


Turns out Tulsa was pretty good. They are currently 9-3 and are heading to a bowl game. This should be just another highlight of OSU's great resume.

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